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Espresso Catering & Gourmet Cupcakes

Espresso service is sure to impress at your corporate event, wedding, special event or party!

Pair expertly prepared coffee with our new gourmet cupcakes and make it an event to remember for your guests, clients or employees.

1st Choice Espresso Catering has over a decade of experience in delighting guests and customers with our fine espresso and exceptional service. Find out more about why we’ve quickly become known as the premier espresso catering company in the Northwest!

» Business

Corporate Espresso Catering

Our professional, experienced staff can deliver value as well as service for your next corporate function. Employees and clients alike will appreciate our high-quality catering, attention to detail and picture perfect presentation.

» Bridal

Wedding Espresso Catering

On this most special of days trust us to help make your wedding unforgettable. We take great pride in working alongside couples, wedding planners, caterers and other vendors to make the entire event seamless and smooth.

» Celebration

Special Events & Parties

Whether you're entertaining 5 guests or 5000, espresso catering can turn an ordinary event extraordinary. Your guests will enjoy exceptional service and gourmet espresso provided by some of the most highly skilled baristas in the Northwest.

» New!

Gourmet Cupcake & Espresso Packages

The delicious pairing of our fine espresso with made-from-scratch cupcakes is sure to please! Cupcakes are made with only the freshest ingredients.